International Reserach Group for Transregional & Emerging Area Studies
The International Reserach Group for Transregional & Emerging Area Studies is a non-partisan and multidisciplinary Think-Tank Organization.
10:33 - 23 March 1999

ITEAS BULLETIN: Volume III. No I. 1999

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In This Issue:

Guest Editorial
Mohammed Ennaji
Globalization, Ethic and International Relations:

Emancipatory International Relations: A Conceptual Introduction

Roger D Spegele
Need for a  Reglobalization  of  ‘Globalization’

Mahdi Elmandjra
Tabacco Litigation Under Taiwanese Laws : The Applicability and Limitations of the US Experience

Yealing Lee
Bilingualism, Interference, and Colonialism:

Domestic Aliens: The Zangon Kataf Crisis and the African Concept of ‘ Stranger’

John Edward Philips
The Japanese and Chinese Language Policies in Taiwan 1895-1995

Robert Sanders
Japanese American Mormons in Utah: Bridging Cultures

Jessie L. Embry


Political figures, Figure of Politics , and Cultural Representations in North Africa:


Abdellah Hammoudi



Kei Nakagawa



Elmostafa Rezrazi


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