International Reserach Group for Transregional & Emerging Area Studies
The International Reserach Group for Transregional & Emerging Area Studies is a non-partisan and multidisciplinary Think-Tank Organization.

Monitoring, Analyzing, Consulting and Auditing for executive circles from both governmental and non-governmental institutions:

The main activity of our business, gathering, checking and interpreting information lead to strategic and prospective analyses (risk assessment, identification of competitive activity), which are then accounted for in various ways, depending on your needs.
Monitoring : a clear and concise executive summary, produced at regular intervals (weekly, monthly, quarterly), which results from an updated statement of the situation in a country, region or of a threat or activity in your field.
 The research note : A clear and concise executive summary, produced on request, and which covers a predetermined specific issue (Monograph of an officer ; light upon an event ; research on a competitor).

The strategic study : A full report stating on the situation of a country or region, of a strategic issue or a particular business sector, resulting from an extensive research.

The strategic interview : A meeting in small committee around one or several experts of ITEAS. Called at very short notice to the customer’s seat or at our own headquarters, the meeting consists in providing an update on a strategic issue before making a decision.

Market Exploration & Assessment:

From the sketchlines of your project to the development of your business, ITEAS  informs you of the local constraints and opportunities, assesses and validates your choices, helps you to meet the right partners, facilitates your dealings, assists you in recruitment and communication.
Prospection and project evaluation : we offer assistance in identifying business opportunities and in selecting countries/regions where to settle down but also in identifying local stakeholders that may contribute to your project and choose potential partners. We evaluate the feasibility of your project under the local/national context and perception by the public and authorities. We evaluate the socio-economic and environmental impact of your project, and we develop compensatory measures.
We can help you to settle down : we organize exploratory missions and meetings with local authorities. We provide you with assistance in the procedures and formalities and if necessary, a representation of your company by one of our collaborators.
We provide HR support : we help you with local recruitment and managing staff, particularly in case of labor disputes (mediation missions), thanks to our knowledge of cultural characteristics, social hierarchies and local balance of forces.
Communication : we assess the image of your company among local and national authorities. We set up an appropriate plan to enhance or redefine your image, we participate in the development of advertising campaigns.

Our linguistic Skills:  English, French, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Persian, Turkish, Malay and Bahasa

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