International Reserach Group for Transregional & Emerging Area Studies
The International Reserach Group for Transregional & Emerging Area Studies is a non-partisan and multidisciplinary Think-Tank Organization.

 International Reserach Group for Transregional & Emerging Area Studies.

ITEAS ONG – Think Tank ( Japan)

The International Reserach Group for Transregional & Emerging Area Studies is a non-profit, nonpartisan, and multidisciplinary Non Governmental Organization. It was launched in 1994 with support from the Institute of Oriental Studies at the University of Tokyo.
This initiative resulted in the largest mobilization of Scholars, Civil Society and experts interested in Emerging Areas in Asia, Middle East and Africa, and aiming to contribute to the prosper future of these areas in different aspects.
Serving as a combination think-tank and Research group, ITEAS is working to ensure that these emerging areas assume its rightful place in the knowledge base of all. As we highlight the richness and diversity of these areas, as well as the economic opportunities that they offer, we continue to acquaint public opinion, policy makers and scholars with the various aspects of political, security, economic and cultural structures of several areas and their  dynamism.
In the past year, we were working to reach some of our academic goals while simultaneously providing strategic and crucial information to policymakers and stakeholders in an effort to stimulate constructive action for a good governance, and socioeconomic growth management in the world.

ITEAS Philosophy and Mission       

ITEAS aims to enhance knowledge and awareness about strategic,, political, security, economic, social and cultural issues amongst the peoples and leaders of Emerging countries mainly in the MENA area, and is committed to afford a set of unique and add-value services to enable this. ITEAS  will utilize all of its capabilities and resources to improve levels of communication and interaction between Asian countries  and the others area of the world for the sake of peace, prosperity  and stability and will attempt to ensure that its activities have a positive contribution to regional and international security.
In addition to our ITEAS Bulletin, ITEAS provides an independent yearly report in which key decision makers from both public and private sectors in Asia and elsewhere can meet to discuss issues of common concern and develop effective and mutually beneficial solutions. With the participation of top level scholars, experts, representatives of governments, international organizations, and major foundations and global corporations
ITEAS encourages strengthening of the intercontinental relationships to respond to new challenges. Our mission is to act as a space of reflection, expertise and early warning intellectual system and a mechanism for conception support. For more information about African Bulletin electronic version

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